• Eelectromagnetic Fields and Optomechanics in Cancer Diagnostics and Treatment

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  • Three-phase classification of an uninterrupted traffic flow: a k-means clustering study

R Kouhi Esfahani, F Shahbazi, M Akbarzadeh
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  • Dynamics of financial crises in the world trade network

M Askari, H Shirazi, KA Samani
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 501, 164-169



  • Neuronal avalanches: Where temporal complexity and criticality meet

M Dehghani-Habibabadi, M Zare, F Shahbazi, J Usefie-Mafahim, ...
The European Physical Journal E 40 (11), 101

  • Complexity of eye fixation duration time series in reading of Persian texts: A multifractal detrended fluctuation analysis

M Sharifi, H Farahani, F Shahbazi, M Sharifi, CT Kello, M Zare
arXiv preprint arXiv:1707.02932

  • Perfect quantum excitation energy transport via single edge perturbation in a complete network

H Bassereh, V Salari, F Shahbazi, T Ala-Nissila
The European Physical Journal B 90 (6), 111

  • The effects of noise and time delay on the synchronization of the Kuramoto model in small-world networks

S Ameli, F Shahbazi, M Karimian, T Malakoutikhah
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  • The effect of hubs and shortcuts on fixation time in evolutionary graphs

M Askari, ZM Miraghaei, KA Samani
Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment 2017 (7), 073501

  • Separation of cyclic and starlike hierarchical dominance in evolutionary matrix games

G Szabó, KS Bodó, KA Samani
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  • Phosphenes, retinal discrete dark noise, negative afterimages and retinogeniculate projection: An explanatory framework based on endogenous ocular luminescence

V. Salari, F. Scholkmann, RLP Vimal, N. Csaszar, M. Aslani, I. Bokkon
Prog. Ret. Eye Res.  60, 101-119

  • Perfect Quantum Energy Transport via Single Edge Perturbation in a Complete Network

H. Bassereh, V. Salari, F. Shahbazi, T. Ala-Nissila
Eur. Phys. J. B  90 (111)


  • Validity Examination of the Dissipative Quantum Model of Olfaction

A. Tirandaz, F.T. Ghahramani, V. Salari
Scientific Reports 7 (4432)


  • Monitoring Microtubule Mechanical Vibrations via Optomechanical Coupling

S. Barzanjeh, V. Salari, J. Tuszynski, M. Cifra, C. Simon
Phys. Rev. E  96, 012404


  • Quantum Interference and Selectivity through Biological Ion Channels

V. Salari, H. Naeij, A. Shafiee
Scientific Reports, 7, 41625


  • The possible role of biochemiluminescent photons for lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) induced phosphenes and visual hallucinations

Kapócs, G, Scholkmann, F., Salari, V., Császár, N. Szőke, H., Bókkon, I.
Rev. Neurosc., 28 (1), 77-86


  • Three phase classification of an uninterrupted traffic flow: a k-means clustering study

R Kouhi, F Shahbazi, M Akbarzadeh
arXiv preprint arXiv:1610.06636

  • Do Neural Avalanches Indicate Criticality After All?

M Dehghani, M Zare, F Shahbazi
arXiv preprint arXiv:1608.07984

  • The physical mechanism for retinal discrete dark noise: thermal activation or cellular ultraweak photon emission?

V Salari, F Scholkmann, I Bokkon, F Shahbazi, J Tuszynski
PLOS one 11 (3), e0148336

  • The Relationship between Intelligence and Spectral Biophoton Emission: Correlation doesn't Imply Causation

V. Salari, I. Bokkon, R. Ghobadi, F. Scholkmann,  J. Tuszynski
PNAS  ,113(38), E5540-E5541, 2016

  • The possible role of endogenous spontaneous ultra-weak photon emission in the formation of eye-specific retinogeniculate projections before birth

I. Bokkon, F. Scholkmann, V. Salari, N. Császár, Gábor Kapócs
Rev. Neurosc.  27 (4), 411-419

  • Phosphene perception is due to ultra-weak photon emission produced in various parts of the visual system: glutamate in the focus

N. Császár, F. Scholkmann, V. Salari, I. Bokkon
Rev. Neurosc. , 27 (3), 291-299


  • Noise assisted excitation energy transfer in a linear model of a selectivity filter backbone strand

H Bassereh, V Salari, F Shahbazi
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  • Quantum decoherence time scales for ionic superposition states in ion channels

V Salari, N Moradi, M Sajadi, F Fazileh, F Shahbazi
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  • Comment on Activation of Visual Pigments by Light and Heat (Science 332, 1307-312, 2011)

V Salari, F Scholkmann, F Shahbazi, I Bokkon, J Tuszynski
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  • Analytical calculation of average fixation time in evolutionary graphs

M Askari, KA Samani
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  • Stability of synchronous state in networks of chaotic maps by matrix measure approach

F Aghaei, S Hoseini, KA Samani
Iranian Journal of Physics Research 15 (1), 43-52

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